Queer and Trans Voices/Gender Theory

Awkward Spaces–1/8 size anonymous zine about family, travel, and queer identity.  Heartbreaking and heartwarming. $1

Dis-Orientation Guide to Transgender/genderfuck politics: One page 1/2 size handout with the thesis that trans/gender politics provides a tool of deconstruction that can be applied to dismantling racism, capitalism and other problems of global proportion. $1 or fifty cents when ordered with other zines.

Don’t Get Hitched, Get Rowdy–A Collection of Queer Propaganda which Focuses on the Monster the Gay Marriage Agenda has Become: Compiled by Jazz Aden-Wood, this zine from Maine is a collection of essays rallying for queer resistance, not assimilation, and offers an anti-capitalist critique of the gay marriage issue. $3

Gay Shame–A Virus in the System:  Anti-assimilation zine put out by the group Gay Shame, whose mission is to use direct action to make the link between queer struggles and the existing capitalist power system.  Excellent, practical DA advice, and inspiring. $3

Gender: (2004) Introductory handout with definitions of identity, gender neutral pronouns, transgender politics and more.  Good pamphlet for an introduction to gender awareness workshop–helpful for educating “straights,” very accessable and appropriate to bring into high schools. $1

Gender is a Weapon: Critique of patriarchy and writings about gender as socially constructed and performative.  Rally cry for gender self-determination. $1

Hard Femme Bike Tour: Journal of two fabulous queers on a long bike tour.  Defines the concept of “Hard Femme” as a resistance to dichotomy and a celebration of femme performance coupled with empowered bike fixing and pushing your physical limits.  $2

I’m Queer as F— (and I’m going to carve a space in your brain for trannies–yeah it’ll hurt, but it’s a good type of pain): Despite its bold title, and i have to admit, slightly intimidating hand drawing of an antlered androgyne wielding a dripping knife on the cover, this is a great zine about respect, etiquette and supporting transgender folks and helping create safer spaces. $1

Memoirs of a Queer Hapa #2: (2009) Jackie brings us another amazing analysis of the intersection of gender/performance and race.  Jackie cites academic essays and and tells their own persynal stories about living in China and Asian queer identity. $2

No More Denying–Facing Woman to Woman Sexual Violence:  An essay dispelling myths that violence is not an issue in lesbian relationships, and trying to address the unique needs that may come up for women trying to seek help and support when dealing with intimate violence from other women.  Trigger warning! (2001) $1

On Being Hard Femme #1: !/4 size zine by Jackie Wang with a definition of “hard femme” and what it means to them.  I love this zine and this concept that just sends ye olde “butch/femme” dichotomy to hell–f— yeah I can wear miniskirts while I wield powertools! $1

Out of the Closets and into the Libraries: A Collection of Radical Queer Moments: (2007) An amazing collection of stories from queer hystory, queers who wouldn’t give up, and queers who bashed back.  Anti-assimilationist, inspiring and an amazing first step in handing our hystories back to us.  Originally published by the Bang-a-Rang, a queer housing collective out of Lewiston, Maine.  Thanks yall! $2

Petroleuse: (2002) Zine out of Ithaca challenging straight privilege and asking for queer liberation.  Includes a helpful “workshop in a box.” Definitions, stories and helpful resources for “ally” training. $2

Pink and Black Attack! #1: Publication out of Olympia with an anti-assimilationist slant and essays about resistance and bashing back. $4

Towards the Queerest Insurrection: Insurrectionary anarchism meets queer identity politics and militant resistance. $1

Trans Care: What to eat, supplements and herbs to prepare and heal around surgery: Amazing text by Jacoby Ballard, Brooklyn based herbalist, about what to eat, supplements and herbs to help prepare and heal folks around surgery times. Great zine and the only one I’ve seen like it. $3

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