The intent of this distro was to share the experiences, wives tales, and knowledge that cis-gendered ladies and queer folks have gathered through research, conversation and legend about their bodies and their lives.  It is my belief that knowledge should be shared and not hoarded, and that we don’t need “experts” to tell us how to stay healthy or regulate our own reproductive cycles, as we’ve been managing to do so for millenia without the help of modern medicine.  Self care is an empowering and revolutionary strategy.  Creating safer spaces and fighting against assault and abuse has been a task on our shoulders for as long as this culture has been around–hearing the stories and strategies of others engaging in these struggles gives us validation, hope, and courage.

That being said, along with freedom comes responsibility.  The zines on this website were not intended to replace medical care or counseling if needed, or the in depth research and study it takes to understand the workings of the humyn body and psyche.  Use the information you find here wisely and carefully.  Make sure you seek medical care if you need it.  The links on this site are not a replacement for support and mental health care–please seek support and safety by any means necessary if you feel unsafe or if you are being abused.

Happy wishes of health, empowerment and self-determination!

sonia a

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