Consent, Sexual and Domestic Assault, Survivor Support A-P

An Activist Approach to Domestic Violence: Basil and Erika document their work in a coalition to end domestic violence.  There are interviews, poems, stories, definitions and tales of organizing.  This zine is empowering to read and well organized. $3

Bodies at War–A Handbook for Survivors of Domestic Violence: Definitions of sexual assault, legal advice and a description of what to expect in the hospital setting, and dealing with the emotional aftermath in the long term.  This zine was released by a group called the Hysteria Collective out of Portland, Oregon several years ago. $3

Consent–A Zine About the All Too Common Occurrence of Sexual Violence: (@nti-copyright, 2007) This zine focuses mostly on rape, and understanding patriarchy and rape culture as fundamental root causes of sexual assault. $1

A DIY Guide to Preventing Sexual Assault: (@nti-copyright) Great legal page fold out brochure style handout on basic points of consent.  Punk rock as hell, with a good sense of humor and good tips on keeping you and your friends safe.  I like handing these out to youth especially. $1

Fighting Back: One page hand out on self defense against a violent attacker with illustrated fight moves and advice on using your voice to discourage attacks. $1

Gender Oppression, Abuse and Violence–Community Accountability in the People of Color Progressive Movement (Report from INCITE Women of Color Against Violence, 2005) Model for accountability processes to deal with intimate violence with a focus on the priority of survivor autonomy and community self-determination.  The role that gender privilege and patriarchy play into abusive dynamics is well defined. Excellent working document for folks doing accountability work in their communities. $3

Guaranteed to Wreck Any Party: (2002) The author gives a frank account of childhood sexual abuse and how it affected his experience in later life,  stressing the importance of survivor autonomy, and talks about how being male and queer affects his experience of abuse and finding the support he needs. $2

Hell Yeah! Consent Based Queer Porn! (2010) The name says it all–it’s hott, it’s queer as f—, and it’s all consensual! Trigger warning. $2

Learning Good Consent: You can order this direct from Doris Press.  Cindy Crabb edits an amazing definition of consent with inspiring stories from all around. Super queer friendly and sex positive.

Let’s Talk Consent: One page trifold meant to be distro-d en masse. $1

Not Without my Consent (a–hole!): (2004) Working definition of consent with a story from the perspective of man realizing he violated someone’s boundaries and is trying to take responsibility for his actions.  Short, almost like a pamphlet. $1

Our Own Response: (2002) Yareak was a anarcho-transfeminist who worked to raise awareness about domestic violence through speaking tours in the early two thousands.  He passed away about eight years ago but his work still lives on in this great zine.  The zine has working definitions of domestic violence, sexual abuse, survivor autonomy, and community responsibility.  His perspective that abuse is about power over, and that therefore “mutual abuse” is a myth, will be bound to raise some hard questions. A must read for those working to end domestic violence. $3

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