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I am a thirty six year old mama of a thirteen year old, living on a small farm in rural Maine.  We raise chickens, ducks, geese and mixed vegetables.  I was an activist of sorts for over ten years, but have now retired to spend more time on farming, family, and local issues.

I occasionally sing like the dickens and play a pretty good banjo, though usually in the privacy of my own garage or backyard campfire.  You can check out this aging east coast city punk gone country at:


This distro has been closed in part due to my struggles with chronic illness and my experiences with intimate partner violence. I’ve  included a section on this website called “Accountability and Survival,” which has essays and stories of community processes, opinions, and responses to abuse.  Folks can feel free to email me stories or essays to post. The distro does not share all of the opinions or values in these posts, but I hope the essays and websites provided are a good starting point for challenging conversations. I am currently working on a zine about  domestic violence and emotional abuse called “Gaslight,” which should be ready for release next spring.  Be sure to check out It’s Down to This, a zine about accountability, from Doris Press.

Thanks out there, for keeping the fires of feminist resistance burning!

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Published on October 24, 2011 at 8:40 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. hi there!
    I’m all the way in australia and my friend just showed me your site. I’m part of a collective who have started a zine/book distro recently on the tiny isle of tasmania, trying to inject some political enthusiasm and new ideas into our little community.
    I’m about to have more of a look around your site but i just love finding little gems like this and wanted to leave a comment saying how important it is to be able to access resources like these easily and that your work here goes appreciated and i’m sure we’ll make an order soon.
    well wishes to you.
    – Lara
    tassie, australia

    • Sorry for the communication delay. My zine distro is currently closed, but the other distroes in the links section of the website, which is still open, carry many of these titles. I’ll send you an email if I decide to open the distro again. Thanks for your interest–it’s wonderful to feel like this work is supported!

      In Solidarity,

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