Hystory, Theory, and Voices A-M

Abortion is a Personal Decision, Not a Legal Debate: Pro-Choice zine with hystory, abortion facts and legislative information. $2

Bound to Struggle–Where Kink and Radical Politics Meet: @nti-copyright (but author asks to be credited if you use their work)  Great zine about being sex postive, kink friendly, open relationships and gender f—ing and how those practices link to greater political struggle. $2

Breaking the Silence: (1/2 size legal) Author recounts experiences with working with a non-profit fighting domestic violence.  Contains critiques of the co-optation of grassroots work by non-profits with a pro-union stance. $3

Complaints and Disorders: The Sexual Politics of Sickness: The classic essays originally released by Feminist Press in 1973, written by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deidre English.  An amazing hystory of the way illness and gender has been constructed.  A must read. $5

Eco Anarcha Feminism: Anti-capitalist anarcha-feminist primer put out by WeMoon’s Army. $1

Fat is Beautiful: Well written zine about being fat positive in a looksist and misogynist culture.  A celebration of bodies and a critique of looks privilege well worth reading. $3

Free to Choose: A Guide to Reproductive Freedom: Brief hystory of underground abortion movement of the late sixties, early seventies. $3

Go F— Yourself–A Zine Devoted to DIY Sex Toys and Gender Bending Devices: Safe words, home-made strap ons and BDSM gear and more! Great resource for the sex-positive kinkster at heart. $3

Harlot, RN: An amazing zine by Megan Honor about being a nurse with a queer identity and an anti-capitalist consciousness.  Brutally honest, inspiring and well written. $2

Humyns and Nature: An Ecofeminist Primer: An intro to ecofeminism I wrote in 2008.  Uses colorful metaphor and prose to illustrate the connection between the oppression of womyn and queers and the rape of the earth.  Trigger warning. $2

The Invisibility of Women Prisoners’ Resistance: (1/2 size legal) Academic piece by Vikki Law about women prisoners and their struggles with accessing medical care, sexual assault, child visitation and education. $2

Jane–Documents  from Chicago’s Clandestine Abortion Service: (Compiled and published by Firestarter Press, 2004) Concise and accessible hystory of the underground abortion service of the late sixties and early seventies known as Jane, through first hand accounts and documents.  Be sure to read Laura Kaplan’s, The Story of Jane to learn more. For a little hystory about Jane, click here. $3

Ladders and Hips–An Open Letter to the Boys in my Life: Kyla brings us a brutally honest and poignant account of eating disorders, sexual assault, and violence, as well as an address to men who don’t respect the concept of survivor autonomy.  This is a powerful zine, but does have writing that could be triggering, so read with care and support. (2008) $3

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