Menstrual Health, Abortion Options, STI’s and General D.I.Y. Health/Self Care H-P

Nourishing Endometriosis: (1/2 legal size, a Blood Sisters Reproduction)  The only zine I’ve seen on endometriosis.  Compassionate and informative description of the condition and helpful tips for staying healthy and easing pain, with herbal remedies, exercises, visualizations and personal narrative. $4

Radical Menstruation–Alternative Ways of Viewing Your Period and Living With It: Intro to making your own pads, using diva cups, and other natural approaches to menstruation.  Anti-capitalist analysis with a list of resources for other reading materials on the back. $1

Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom: Order this beautiful zine (1/2 legal size) directly from Eberhardt Press.  Beautiful illustrations and thoroughly researched information about herbal abortion.

Regaining Control–Taking Health Care Into Our Own Hands: Intro to herbal abortion.  Not enough information to go on, but a good first text on the subject. $1

Setting Up a (womyn’s) DIY Health Collective:  Another great pamphlet by the Down There Collective.  Good text to distribute at self-care workshops. $1 or fifty cents if ordered with another zine.

Spectacular Specula–An activist dyke discusses self care, queer reproductive rights and her os: More from Down There! Intro to the politics of self-care from a queer perspective. $1

What is This Thing Called M.E.?: Intro to and history of menstrual extraction.  Good first text on the subject. $1

Wives Tales: This zine is an oldy but goody.  General overview of anatomy, menstruation, STI’s and other infections, natural childbirth, family planning, menstrual extraction from a politicized self care perspective.  Some things never go out of style. $3

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