Abortion Stories

A Difficult Decision–A Compassionate Book About Abortion: A thick zine discussing options and approaches to a healthy, potentially empowering, and successful abortion.  Complex in its approach to emotions and spirituality.  This book was written by Joy Gardiner originally and was republished as a zine several years ago.  Great perspectives–the fact that it doesn’t come from a punk activist perspective is a plus. $3

I Had an Abortion: Real Stories, Real Choices: Real life narratives of people’s abortion experiences. $2

Mine#1 –An Anthology of Choices: (2002, 1/2 size legal) A staple for every zine library, this amazing collection of stories of reproductive freedom has accounts of many approaches to abortion and reproductive freedom, and how people came to make and feel about their choices.  This zine comes highly recommended. Order from Just Seeds.

Mine#2–An Anthology of Reproductive Rights: (1/2 size legal) More amazing stories about choice, guilt and liberation. Order from Just Seeds.

Negrita #4–Abortion Etiquette: (1/2 size legal) Twelve easy steps for how to be a good friend to someone who is having an abortion.  Comic book style with sloppy illustrations and a great sense of humor.  Really helpful without being too heavy–plus has a great vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe for you to make for your buddy when they get home from the clinic. $3

Taking Charge–Abortion and Your Options: A short read on what to expect and prepare for in a clinical abortion. $1

This is Me Using my Choice–An Anthology of Women’s Abortion Stories (2003, (1/2 size legal)  This zine was edited and compiled by Gabriela out of British Columbia.  Very similar in content to the Mine anthologies, but with more practical tips. (herbal medicinal recipes and other health info)  The aesthetic is still cut and paste, but with a cleaner and more legible layout then Mine. $3

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